Monday, 25 April 2011

Reflecting on a term of Head Start

Some busy kids who have had a Head Start
We thought this would be a great time to say thanks to all the wee ones, (and their parents) who attended Head Start this year. We have had so much fun watching the kids develop over such a short space of time (10 weeks!).
We had the pleasure of watching two wee ones take there first steps independently (thanks for sharing such a special moment with us!), and have been amazed at how kids learn to climb.
Reflecting on the first sessions, it was awesome to see how quickly the kids learnt songs, and started to concentrate on some of the more attentionally demanding tasks. We got some great feedback from parents like:

“has gone from crawling to walking/running since starting Head Start. Now enjoys sitting at one thing for longer and is more comfy at trying new things. We really enjoy coming and I have seen her grow heaps”
“much more confident and much better at throwing and attempts catching”
“more willing to explore his environment now”

“climbing skills in particular have come ahead in leaps and bounds. She also had a strong fear a balloons which has now disappeared since being at headstart. I also think she is more physically confident and willing to take more risks!”

So thanks for coming along and we look forward to watching your kids develop more with the new programme we have ready for Term 2!!

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