Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Term 2 kicks off!

We have had a great start to Term 2 here at Head Start. It has been fantastic catching up with lots of our friends from Term 1, isn't it crazy how our littlies can change SO much over just a few short weeks, it is such a privilege to watch these little people grow up! Also, it has been exciting to meet many of our new Head Start kids with their Mums & Dads & Grandparents - you all will be seasoned experts before you know it.

This week at Head Start was focused on FUN - we pulled out lots of our favourite activities from Term 1 and spent the time introducing and getting reacquainted with the Head Start environment. Firm favourites for this week in my classes were the treasure box, parachute song and of course the new bubble machine (great to get little feet jumping and little hands reaching!).

We have all new foundational skills lined up for Term 2, as always focusing on visual, motor and auditory skills known to be important pre-cursers for formal learning. We are going to have a great time working thru all of these together over the next 10 weeks... stay tuned for information on Week 2's foundation skill!

Have a great week! - The Head Start Team

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