Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Conquering Visual Consistency

Week Two and it already seems like our newest Head Starters have settled in beautifully. This week we tackled the Foundation Skill of Visual Consistency. In a nutshell this is the understanding that despite differences such as size, colour and orientation an object remains the same. For example, a duck is still a duck even though it may be brown, white or speckled, may be big or small, and may have its head underwater. It is the ability to mentally turn and rotate objects in the mind and to picture what they would look like which in turn helps to distinguish differences between objects. In terms of formal learning this is an important skills to have mastered when learning handwriting and reading as it helps kids understand that letters stay the same despite changes in size or shape (font size, font type, upper and lower cases).

As Lucy and I were reading our Cats book at home this week for the six-millionth time it dawned on me that this series of books is quite handy for practicing visual consistency. I can highly recommend the books; Cats, Dogs, Head & Tails by Matthew van Fleet as being total favourites for toddlers as well as having the added bonus of illustrating great examples of visual consistency! Our personal favourite is the Tails page containing the scratch and sniff Skunk ('Tails Stinky!').

Till next week have fun finding examples of visual consistency at your place too!
Lizz & the Head Start Team

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