Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Continuing Fun...Crossing Midline

Week 9 and winter has well and truly set in...luckily the heat pump has been working overtime so Head Start has been the place to be!

Crossing Midline was this week's skill focus. Imagine you have drawn a line right down the middle of your body, Crossing Midline is the ability to reach across this line with arms or legs to cross them over to the other side. This is an important skill as it helps to strengthen dominance on one side, is needed for reading and writing and for many other daily activities. Children who have not developed this ability may tend to switch hands as they cross their midline or move themselves into a position so that they can do all their work on one side of the body - picture a child slouched at their desk with their paper turned sideways so that they can write up and down the page instead of from left to right! They may also have difficulty scanning across a page to read or have problems sitting cross-legged on the floor. Developing the ability to cross the midline not only helps with these skills but also helps to strengthen the core muscles as the trunk twists to reach across, this in turn helps with core stability which is crucial for control over fine motor tasks.

So, how did we practice Crossing Midline this week? Our little On Your Mark babies were given posting boxes in strategic positions to e
ncourage them to cross over midline and Mums were given rhymes with crossing over actions to do after nappy changes! Our Ready kids got busy fishing from a pond on one side and depositing them into the bucket on their other side.
They also had fun with scarves to encourage large arm movements in all directions.
For the Steady and Go kids there was bean bag tossing from the beam, reaching from one side and throwing to a box on the opposite side. They also practiced drawing long horizontal lines and Figure 8's and scanning story boards from left to right. All this amongst the organised chaos and laughter of the equipment circuit and boogie moves of the music segments!

Only two more fun-filled weeks left of Term 2, don't forget to check out our website for the Term 3 timetable and get in quick as spaces are filling FAST!! Till next week - stay happy and healthy and keep moving (it will help warm you up!!).
x Lizz & the Head Start Team

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