Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Visual Sequencing and Our Latest News

WOW what a week we have had! Firstly the Ultimate Playdate was an ULTIMATE success - thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a wonderful day out. It was fantastic to seeeveryone having such a great family outing. The Edgar Centre turned into a hive of activity as all the kids bounced, climbed, crawled, ran, biked and generally just had a GREAT time. We will be sure to let you all know when our next playdate is on the horizon.

Secondly, our Term 3 timetable has officially been released to the masses and is now available on our website (www.headsta Be sure to get in quick as the spaces are filling fast already (Term 3 starts the first week of August).
An exciting development is the addition of our new classes called the Puku Playdate. These classes are for our littlest Head Starters from birth to when the time they start cruising/crawling. Puku Playdate will provide great opportunities for Mums and babies to
bond and socialise, learn tummy time exercises, strengthen Mummy's core and floor
after birth and participate in active movement right from the word go! This will also include a coffee date afterwards and guest speakers on baby-related topics...HOW EXCITING!
Also, due to popular demand we are adding a bunch of Saturday Head Start classes - check out the timetable to see which one will suit you best.

Right, now onto our Foundation Skill of the week. Week 8 at Head Start has been all about Visual Sequencing! This is the ability to see objects in a particular sequential order. Of course this covers the basic A,
B, C and 1, 2, 3 concepts but also can include sequential orders of events. It is important to practice this skill as it is crucial for learning to count and read and organising letters when learning to write! Personally, what I have learnt by looking in depth into this skill is that it is never to early to introduce visually sequential stimuli. This week has motivated me to get practicing with our littlie (18 months) and already she is counting 1, 2, 3...just shows that they are always capable of surprising us eh?! Her Daddy is super onto it too as he has been reading her name on her door to her every morning since day dot. I a
m sure this is why she recognises her name in print already!

Anyhoo, in class this week we set up story boards to set out in sequential order - this is a great one to do at home too. You could take pictures of your child throughout the day and then see whether they can organise the pictures into the correct order of their normal routine (eg. get up, have breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, go to kindy...etc). As our littlies grow this is also a great chance to discuss their daily activities, see if they can tell you what they did over the day in the right order. We also had a grab box full of
numbers, letter blocks and ducks to sequence into size order which proved a big hit...who knew shredded paper could provide so much entertainment!?! Remember that repetition is the key to success here and that there are ENDLESS opportunities to point out examples of visual sequencing. Magnetic letters and numbers are a great place to start and good for keeping little hands busy while dinner is being prepped!

So next week we have 'Crossing Midline' in store - another fun motor skill, so be sure to check in again! In the meantime stay happy and healthy and keep moving!!!
x Lizz & the Head Start Team

Ps. we have had some very cute bunnies in our class lately dancing to Mrs I have included a couple of pics to share the bunny-love!

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