Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Double Trouble - Eye-Foot Coordination & Visual Completion

Whoops its week 6...did you all miss the blog last week?! Winter bugs well and truly attacked our household so I sadly missed out on week 5 at Head Start (BOO! Although Anna assures me her classes went brilliantly). Thankfully we are all happy and healthy again and I have had a fantastic day with my HS classes today. We made up for lost time and explored two new activity stations covering Eye-Foot Coordination and Visual Completion.

Visual Completion is the ability to see or touch a portion of an object and be able to visualise what the object is as a whole. For example, imagine a square with a triangle lying over top of it so that you can only see the four corners of the square, you would still understand that there was a square behind the triangle...that makes sense right?! For our littlies we can practice this skill by playing games like slow peekaboo, cover up an object that your child usually names easily and slowly pull back the cover to reveal portions of the object - see how much (or little) you can show before they tell you what it is. We extended this idea in class by using peekaboo windows over pictures of familiar things, for example a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine hidden with only a small window to see a portion of the picture - a fun concept to try at home with some of your favourite picture books! For the bigger kids we took these ideas of completion even further and started finishing partially drawn shapes on the white board...who knew join the dots could be so educational?!

Our next new concept was Eye-Foot Coordination - FUN. What a great excuse to practice kicking balls into our new soccer goal! This foundation skill is all about learning to control the movement of our feet in relation to what we see with our eyes. The possibilities are endless but a few of the ideas that we had today were kicking balloons on strings for the littlies, kicking balls down the ramp and into a goal for our runners, balancing on the beam and stomping on our jumping leap-frog. In our final balloon song we kept the theme going by seeing how many bubbles we could either catch on our feet or stomp out to pop them! Keep up the good work at home by setting up a goal to kick into (balloons are a good indoor option), make your own balance beam out of rugby socks and place some obstacles to step over along the path (make it wiggly if you want to get really tricky). Or how about getting creative with scarves, balancing them on a foot while standing on one leg or trying to pick one up just using toes (think like a monkey!) - you get the idea, remember to post any great ideas you have on our Facebook wall so all our Head Starters can benefit from your creativity!!!

Righto, that's it for this week. Have fun, stay well and tune back in next week for a run down on Auditory Synthesis and Analysis.
x Lizz & the Head Start Team

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