Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Term 3 kicks off!

Welcome back Head Start blog-readers! This week kicked off Term 3 here at Head Start and so far it has been fun-packed.

The first week of term is an introductory session to give our newest Head Starters a chance to get acquainted with the environment and to let our returning Head Start kids get back into the groove of classes. With so many seasoned pro-s in the classes now it was all go from the start!

This week also marked the launch of our Puku Playdate sessions....Oh My how we forget how little babies are to start with!! Once the general clucking was over with we had a wonderful time introducing our littlest Head Start members to the joy of music and movement. We also ran through some baby massage techniques and put the Mum's to work doing some post-natal exercises. I didn't take it personally that some of the babies couldn't keep their eyes open for the entire class (in fact maybe that is a complement!). We have loads in store for this class in the upcoming weeks including tummy time activities, ideas for toys, tips for storytime, pictures for visual development and much much more. It is going to be great fun, so if you know of anyone keen to join us on Monday mornings at 10.15am we would LOVE to hear from them!
My other new adventure for the week was delving into the world of the Head Start GO class...we have a new session on Mondays so I am now lucky enough to have a class with these great kids. This class has a real literacy and numeracy focus and it was great to see the GO kids sink their teeth into some really tricky activities, whilst still having a ball on the obstacle course!

On that note - make sure to pop Thursday 18 August into your diaries. We are hosting a FREE seminar on Developing Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years. It will be presented by childhood specialist Wendy Perera who is a consultant for Teeny Tiny consultants. You can check out their great work at www.teenytiny.co.nz. RSVP to 487 9698 if you can join us on the 18th, 7.30pm at Head Start (350 South Road, Caversham).

Till next week's excitement of Auditory Association...keep smiling!
x Lizz & the Head Start team

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