Friday, 12 August 2011

Memories of Visual Memory Week

Welcome back Head Start followers! We have finished week 2 of Term 3 and it was jam packed full of new resources for our little ones to explore. This week we covered the skill of Visual Memory...a good one for us oldies to polish up on too actually.

Visual memory is the ability to make a vivid visual image in your mind of a visual stimulus, such as a word, a picture or a series of objects, and once that stimulus is removed, be able to visualize or recall this image without help. Think about how often you utlisise this skill in your everyday life - remembering a phone number you wrote down earlier or trying to remember what those new shoes looked like that you wanted to buy in town! For the littlies this skill will help them to remember which letters are which, especially important for those that look very similar such as b's and d's! This is a practical skill that is needed for many facets of everyday life and it's never to early to start practicing it!

Our littlies had a great time trying to find the hidden elephant from under tins...they became very adept at watching carefully to make sure they didn't get tricked when the tins moved around. There were also some pretty cute squeals of joy when the successfully uncovered the elephant - CUTE!

Things got a bit more challenging for our Ready kids (although the elephant hunt was a hit with these guys too) as they got busy in the ball pit playing our Search and Rescue game, looking at a visual cue and then searching for the corresponding picture in the pool...Dora and Car's characters were a crowd pleaser!

Our Steady kids worked on their visual memory playing Hide and Seek with figurines under a scarf - they carefully paid attention to see which figure would 'magically' disappear each time.

Things ramped up even more for the Go crowd. They got busy viewing picture series cards and repeating what they had seen back and also spent time re-creating patterns with blocks and sticks to copy what they had seen before.

These are all great ideas to re-create at home and I am sure that you can all come up with some more challenging tasks of your own, we are always interested to hear your ideas so feel free to post any of your favourites on our Facebook wall!!

Next week we have loads more fun in store as well as heaps of new resources so check back in for an update and ideas of how you can continue the fun at home.
Till then, have a great weekend and look after each other.
x Lizz & the Head Start team

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