Friday, 2 September 2011

Very Visual Association

Half way through Term 3 already....WHAT?!?! I can't believe how fast it has gone and how much all our little ones have accomplished.

This week we tackled the foundation skill of Visual Association. This is the ability to draw associations between two or more different but related items. To start with this is most easily done with familiar items, such as sock & shoe, knife & fork etc, but importantly this skill builds up to include associations between visual shapes of letters and formation of words, eg, C + A + T = CAT.

For our littlest Head Starters we made an effort to point out all the things that could be associated together in the class - visual associations are everywhere once you start looking for them!! We talked about socks & shoes, eggs in cartons, fish in the 'pond', pegs in bottles...the associations were endless. Sometimes all it takes is the intention to find associations and before you know it they are all around us!

Our Ready/Steady kids spent time looking through our visual association items to work out what should be matched up and in no time had figured them all out...we had to make sure that the toothbrush and toothpaste wasn't put to actual use though! One of our Steady kids suggested that Sausages are associated to forks...can't really argue with that, and then when questioned further he thought that Sauce was another associated item...however, in the end we got around to matching the knife with the fork!

The Go kids whipped through the visual association items and then started working on pictures that could be associated in different ways on the whiteboard. The speed that our older children are picking up the new tasks is always astounding!

This week in our Puku Playdate the focus was on sensory and tactile toys and how to make a Heuristic toy box. This was also a great opportunity to start building on body awareness for these tiny tots as we used items from our sensory box to brush over their cheeks, fingers, toes, tummys etc. Already we are getting some smiles when the familiar songs are coming on and lots more confidence and strength being shown during the tummy time activities...great fun to see.

Next week brings a new auditory skill - should be fun...lots of crazy noises to look out for. Keep happy and healthy and tune back in soon.
x Lizz & the Head Start team

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