Thursday, 22 September 2011

Visual Figure Ground Greatness

Well Term 3 is whipping by and this week was all about Visual Figure Ground, sounds tricky right? In fact its one of those skills that we actually are practicing all the time without really knowing it, but of course we are here to shed some more light and show you how it can be fine tuned!

In a nut shell Visual Figure Ground is the ability to discriminate between visual foreground and backgrounds. For example, being able to pick out patterns amongst a busy backdrop or finding a specific can on a shelf full of cans at the supermarket! This is an important skill to improve visual perception and helps your child to focus on something specific amongst other visual stimuli, for example, finding their spot on a page or on the blackboard when reading.

We used a special 'eye-spy' blanket for all our kids this week (should have taken a picture sorry...put that on the list of things to do!). This beautiful quilt is compiled of little squares each with a different picture on them. Our littlies spent loads of time just checking out the blanket and pointing out all the treasures on it. For the older bunch we popped some ocean creature figurines on top to see if they could pick them out...and the Go kids used their special grippers to pick them up. Just shows how a simple skill can be easily stretched over a wide range of ages.

We also had a number of 'Can You Find' pictures to work on identifying objects within busy backgrounds and various mazes to work thru - it was a busy week!!

We had a wonderful turn out for our Puku Playdate open day this week - some of our youngest Head Start babies yet! This week our focus was on Visual Development, what happens and how to best stimulate this natural process. We provided some great pictures to take home to keep the little eyes and minds working!

So only two weeks left in Term 3 - this week has been open to all our current Head Starters to enroll for next term, hopefully you have all got in early to ensure the spot you want. Next week will be open to all new entrants for Term 4 so make sure to check out the timetable at and give us a call at 487 9698 to secure your class!

Have a wonderful weekend...don't overdose on the rugby too much!
x Lizz & the Head Start team.

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