Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Well Term 4 is well underway now with week 2 starting off nicely with some hot sunny weather! This week was our first foundation skill week of the term after letting the littlies acclimatise to the environment during week 1. This week we are getting stuck into Auditory Association. This is the ability to listen to a sound or word and be able to associate an object or letter/word with that noise. To start with our wee ones will learn to associate familiar noises and objects, such as barking = dog, meowing = cat, footsteps in the hallway = mum (not so good...hence the tiptoeing!). But eventually this skill will lead to the recognition of letters and words in response to the appropriate noises so this is another important precurser to literacy skills, so we might as well get cracking on it now!

This week we have some (very) noisy buttons and books to play with - these will give the kids the opportunity to listen to noises and then go on to identify what makes the noise. Of course you can do this at home with your best animal impersonations too! We also have our matching pairs to associate, first verbally then actively. For the older kids we will be scrambling letters and numbers to help them work on identifying the correct ones with just verbal cues. And of course there are new challenges to conquer in the obstacle course and new songs for Term 4...so much to do and so little time!

Tune back in next week to see what fun we get up to practicing our Visual Sequential Memory!

Long may the hot weather continue - a great excuse to get outside and see what you can identify just by using your ears!!!

x Lizz & the Head Start Team.

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