Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wrapping up the Head Start year!!

Where has this year gone?! I seem to have blinked and missed a huge chunk of it and somehow here we are in the last week of Head Start for 2011. This first year of Head Start has been such an adventure for us and we are so grateful for all of you that have helped it to be such a success. When we started out in January we could never have imagined how much the programme would develop over time and how much we would learn from all our little Head Starters! It has been a huge honour and privilege to get to know all our Head Start children and f
amilies. But enough of that for the moment, what havewe been up to during the last couple of weeks of term 4?!...

Our last foundation skill for the year was actually our first dedicated to Gross Motor movement, namely, running and jumping (or crawling and bouncing for our littlest HS crew). One new addition to our HS curriculum for 2012 will be the inclusion of a Gross Motor skill each term - such as catching, throwing, hopping, etc...more fun to look forward to! So anyways, during this week our HS kids played raucous games of tag to get them running - we gave them felt belts with velcro tags attached to pull off and t
his got them moving!! They also played jumping games on the trampoline, under the pa
rachute and practiced jumping into hopscotch hoops. Our littlies had fun crawling through the tunnels, under the parachute and bouncing on the swiss balls. So it seemed like our first gross motor week was a firm favourite!

And then all of a sudden it was the last week....eek! The final week of term is always a 'Just For Fun' week so we pulled out all the favourite activities from the term and just let the kids go loose! Of course the Copy Me song was requested so the kids all had one last chance to show off their VERY impressive clave skills! We also put the new tongs to good use, had fun exploring the zips and velcro on the fine motor skill blanket and got stuck into the dried pasta again.
Of course it all went far too quickly and before you know it here I am signing off of my last blog of the year...and in fact for some time, as I will have to hand over the blogging duties for 2012 to one of my capable HS colleagues. I am taking a wee break from my HS life to welcome the latest member of our family to the world who is due at the end of January...the same week as term 1 of 2012 as it happens!! I will no doubt be popping in to see all my friends at Head Start (if I can make it out of the house in those first few weeks/months, my recollection of those is that they are pretty interesting?!) but in the meantime let me say THANK YOU for letting me share so many special moments with your precious little people. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and remember to keep moving cos an Active Body equals an Active Brain!!!
Best wishes to you all, Lizz

+ Merry Christmas from the Head Start Team!