Friday, 30 March 2012

Hello Head Start Families and Friends, wow where has the week gone? These short weeks are going to make this part of the year disappear very quickly.

Well this week was lots of fun as we looked at hand-eye coordination.This is the ability of the eyes to control, guide and direct the hands in movements; it is important for gross motor skills and games as well as fine motor skills such as

We practiced these skills with ball games, target practice, building with the blocks, scooping and egg and spoon races, it was lots of fun.Maybe at home you can try some ball catching, bubbles or hitting a balloon with a fly swat

Fisher-Price Little People Builders Stack 'n Learn Alphabet Blocks

Well next week is our last week for the term and it is going to be great fun. We will have all the exciting equipment and games out that we have been using over the term and you will get to have another go at your favourite activity. Which will it be, the blast off chair, the hammock, the roller coaster, or the doll’s house, the bugs or or or........I can’t wait to see what you choose, see you there and don’t forget if you haven’t signed up for next term do that this week, and make sure you tell a friend so they don’t miss out on all the exciting things we do at Head Start. See ya next week,

from The Head Start Team

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