Friday, 2 March 2012

On, Under, Up, Down

Hello All. I hope you have all recovered from the bugs that have been flying around and are ready for another busy week at Head Start. Concept and Directional Language was all up, down, over and through the head start headquarters this week. There were tunnels to go through and ladders to step over, hoops to jump in and out of, and guessing weather the biggest or smallest teddy would go down the slide first.

Don't forget to take one of the take home sheets available at the front desk to remind you of the foundational skill we have been working on. This also gives you some practical ideas to consolidate the foundational skill we address at Head Start. In case you missed it here is a copy of this weeks sheet.

Building Concept & Directional Language
Skills at Home

When you’re reading together talk about the pictures
and include concept and directional language in your discussion.

When you’re baking together talk about the positions
and sizes of biscuits on the tray.

When you’re out for a walk stop and look in gardens,
look for birds in trees and cats on/under/beside parked cars. Use concept and
directional language in your discussion.

Have a nice weekend and we will see you next week where we will be spinning out a little bit as we look at the Vestibular System.

:) Head Start Team

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