Friday, 16 March 2012

Visual Pattern

Hey Head Starters this week has been all about seeing patterns in everyday things. This is known as Visual patterning and it refers to your child’s ability to identify
patterns. This helps them to make connections, predict and solve mathematically based problems using shortcuts. Try this one.... you may even like to use real jelly beans yum yum.

Well I hope you are all excited about our Ultimate Play Date on Sunday from 10am – 12noon at the Edgar Centre. Only 2 more sleeps to go! I can’t wait for the Big Boogie at 10.30am and to play with the bubbles and build a house or a car, to play on the bouncy castle, race round the wheelies track, do the treasure hunt and and and ....., it’s going to be so EXCITING, I hope you can all come and have some fun with us. See you all there

From the Head Start Team

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