Friday, 4 May 2012

B...b... Looking at Visual Consistency

Hello to all.  Hasn't week two been busy! 

This week we have been looking at Visual Consistency.  This refers to your child's ability to recognise that objects stay the same despite size, colour, viewing angle and orientation.  This becomes important when the child starts school and there are lots of signs in different fonts in the classroom.  So at Head Start we have been identifying all the circles or squares, pulling all the same shapes out of the treasure box and grouping letters.

Reminder to all to pick up a take home sheet as you leave.   This gives you some tips to enhance the foundational skill we have been addressing in the class for at home. 

We now have a designated blue bucket for any equipment that may need to be washed.  With winter coming on we want to keep everyone well so please use this if your child puts anything in their mouth.

For those families that have just joined us, we also want to let you know that if you do  accidentally leave something behind we have a lost and found box located on the window in the Head Start room.

Keep an eye out for  our seminar this term.  'Look who's Talking'.  This will be run by Karen Maunsell (Speech Language Therapist) on Thursday 17th May, 2012, 7.30pm.  All are welcome but you will need to RSVP to 487 9698 so we have enough supper for everyone.

Have a great weekend all and we will see you next week.  Keep Warm

From the Head Start Team

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