Friday, 29 June 2012

Fun Week

Hey thanks everyone for a really fun week.  We have had ALL the equipment out at our Head Start Headquarters and everyone seemed to have a favourite from the term that they got to explore again.  We will have a break for a couple of weeks and start back on the week beginning July 16.  If you haven't enrolled please give Di a ring or enrol online at

If you get stuck inside don't forget to have a preview of the take home sheets we have provided over the term to get some ideas for activities around the home. If you have forgotten to pick up a sheet just flick back through the blogs for some ideas.

We will try and post some holiday ideas on our Facebook page as well but please feel free to put some ideas up when you come across them, or even better why not get together at an event with other Head Start adults and children.

So some highlights for me this term have been, Mrs Bunny (I don't seem to get tired of this song at all and I love watching the kids faces while we are doing the actions), the enthusiasm of the children (I take tears at the end of a class as a compliment, sorry Mum's and Dad's), the confidence of the children as the term has progressed and our day out at the Meridian Mall (we saw some of you there).  So thanks everyone for a great term and we look forward to seeing you all back real soon.

Take Care over the break
Jo, Anna, Sonya, Di and Avis :)

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