Friday, 27 July 2012

Visual Memory

What a great week we have had at our Head Start Headquarters! This week we looked at Visual Memory. Visual memory is your child’s ability to store visual information in their short term and long term memory.

Short term visual memory is important for tasks such as following instructions and copying information from the board. 

Long term visual memory involves the integration of visual information with previous experiences. This becomes important to ensure a good foundation of basic mathematical and literacy concepts is laid for future learning. 

Our Ready children had a great time trying to find the blocks from under tins...they became very adept at watching carefully to make sure they didn't get tricked when the tins moved around.

Things got a bit more challenging for our Steady kids (although the blocks under the tin was a hit with these guys too) as they got busy in the ball pit playing our Search and Rescue game, looking at a visual cue and then searching for the corresponding picture in the pool...Dora and Car's characters were a crowd pleaser!

Things ramped up even more for the Go crowd. They got busy playing "Kim's Game", trying to remember what was on the tray when the scarf went back over the top, this is a good one for us adults as well to keep our minds young and sharp!

Let's not forget our Puku Play date bubs who have been having some lovely massage time. This is a great class to spend some time bonding with bubs and getting to know some other Mums who are going through some of the same challenges. This week a couple even meet for coffee after the class, great stuff!!!

Well that's all from me this week, have a great weekend and all the Head Start team look forward to seeing you next week bright and bubbly ready for another great week at our Head Start Headquarters.

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Which fruit is Missing????
Take Care
Jo and the Head Start Team :)

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