Friday, 3 August 2012

A is for Apple - Auditory Association

Hello All! What a busy week we have had at our Head Start headquarters this week.  There  has been some strange sounds in the Head Start room this week and I was sure my guinea-pigs had been let out and were running around squeaking in the corner.  As it turned out there was also a cow mooing and pigs oinking and these noises were coming from our noisy books as the children tried to match the sound with the animal.
Our foundational skill this week has been - Auditory Association, this is our child’s ability to relate a sound to a given object or letter. This is an important skill in early literacy when learning letter sounds, blends and words.

 So what else have our Little's been up to?  We have had a matching game game out where they have been matching a shoe with a.........? ssss....ock, then there has been some great coloured buttons to push that have been making some really funny noises, "that's not the noise a clock makes Jo" (so ...we may need to update some of the sounds). 
Up the climbing wall we have had the animal puzzle and asking the children to find the animal that sounds like "woof woof".  Everyone has been really great at using their ears and it was suggested by a Mum that this is something we do really well but not so well with our taste, unfortunately I don't think that is something we can pursue at Head Start but maybe you can try some taste testing at home and give others some ideas to try at home.  What about dinner in the dark, or afternoon tea with blindfolds on.
For our Go children we were looking at "H". Can you make the H sound, what starts with H? Check out for some more idea's and activity sheets.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to post something on our Face book page if you get a chance or when you find a great place to go with your wee ones, let us all know.  Looking forward to next week already, keep well and catch up on some sleep if you have been up a lot watching the games.

Cheers from
Jo and the team at Head Start

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