Friday, 24 August 2012

Auditory Sequential Memory

Hello All.  Isn't it FANTASTIC to see the sun!  There was some serious cabin fever  for some families having been stuck inside with all the rain we have been having so it was great to see everyone in their raincoats and gumboots turning up for our Head Start Sessions.
This week was all about practising Auditory Sequential Memory.  This is the ability to remember things heard in sequence. This helps with other tasks such as learning to spell, repeating number sequences and recalling events. Obviously this is an important skill for us adults, it is always good to be able to remember that list of things your better half asked you to do (even if it was during the sports news.....). So it is never too early to start practising this auditory skill.

Our littlest Head Starters listened carefully to our Gibber Gabber game and some even started to mimic the crazy noises back proving that they were retaining that weird auditory sequential information! Try it at home and see how you get on, all you need to do is make up some weird noises and encourage your little one to say them back to you, trust me, the weirder the better, e.g. meep meep meep, screech screech boop... how long a sequence can you come up with?!
Our older kids listened carefully to number sequences and tried to remember what they had heard to make the same sequence on the whiteboard.

This auditory skill is something that we are actually encouraging often by asking our little people to follow basic instructions during their day. Try to remember to keep the instructions short and concise to start with and as your child develops you can make the instructions longer and more complex. To start with just 2 stage instructions are a good idea to keep it achievable - your child will love the praise you offer when they succeed!  For the older kids you can practise by asking them to recall what they did over the day or play games like calling out a number sequence or a letter sequence to see what they can remember, this is also a great way to start with basic maths and spelling - fridge magnets are a great resource for this and might help to keep little minds busy while you are sorting out the tea!
Puku Play date: Wow Lilly is now sitting by herself, Zac is rolling over and Morris is reaching forward while sitting, boy do they grow up fast. At Puku Play date for the next few weeks we are lucky enough to have Amy who is a Physio Therapist teaching us all some very important pelvic floor exercises.  These exercises are good to keep up all the time so it's great to learn how to do them effectively, looking forward to the next session!
Well I hope the sun keeps shining over the weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week at our Head Start Headquarters.
From Jo and the Head Start Team

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