Friday, 31 August 2012

Integration of the Left and Right Brain

Hello to all our Head Start families.This week we have looked at the integration of our left and right brain.What does this mean, well.....The left and right hemispheres of the brain work in different ways and integration of the hemispheres is important so that the whole brain is involved in the thinking and learning process.Activities that cross the body's mid line promote the pathways between the hemispheres and help to integrate them.  Activities that use both sides of the body at the same time are important for developing coordination as well as spelling, reading, listening and comprehension.

For most of our classes the challenge was put out to the parents to crawl around the course with their child, well done to Ange for getting through the tunnel with Jack, wish I had the camera!  Others had fun crawling up the ramp while butting a swiss ball with their head (this was my favourite).  Our tapping sticks were another fun one getting the children to tap left and right.

This week at our Puku Play date class the children were great, Lilly, Zac and Samantha were perfect while the Mums had a go at some of the harder pelvic floor exercises Amy had prepared for them.  Not easy balancing a cup of tea on your back (hypothetically) and squeezing and controlling your pelvic floor muscles, Well Done Sarah, Ange and Suzz. If anyone was interested here is a website that may give you some ideas for some other exercises 

Don't forget to take a take home sheet to help you remember the activities that we do at Head Start, these are always beside the sign in sheet.  Have a great week and we will catch you at our Head Start Headquarters for some more fun and of course BUBBLES.

Jo and the Head Start Team

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