Friday, 10 August 2012

Up,up. Down,down. What is Directionality?

Hello All!  What a great week we have had at our Head Start Headquarters going up, down, through, round, over and under.  It has been wonderful watching you all have fun jumping down into the big red beanbag!
This week we have looked at directionality.  Directionality is the understanding of an objects position in space in relation to oneself. A child first learns these concepts in relation to themselves and is then able to transfer them to numbers, letters and words. This skill is important in the visual discrimination of letters and numbers for both reading and writing.

So for all our Head Start kids this week there has been lots of climbing up the climbing wall, biking down the roller coaster, climbing up the ladder and down the slide.  Even though lots of these activities are familiar to our children it is good to intentionally verbalise these concepts as the children complete the activities so they are able to later relate this to writing.  For example if you were asking your child to draw the letter "A" you might say: "draw a line that goes up, then down with a line across the middle".  Have fun using these
concepts at the park, in the bath and while you are out driving.
To create a capital "A" you have to go
Puku Play Date Report
This week our Puku Play Date class has been looking at Sensation and Tactile Toys.  These are toys and everyday items that help the child to distinguish between different textures.  So I dug into my draws and took along a metal bowl and a spatula, a hairbrush, a box and crinkly paper and guess what, they were all a big hit (although Lilly wasn't too sure about the sound of the paper).  But it just goes to show you don't have to spend a lot of money on toys to give your child a sensory experience that may develop a natural curiosity for things around them in the future.

Well that's all from me, have a great weekend all and we will see you at our Head Start Headquarters next week for heaps more fun.

Jo and the Head Start Team

PS: Make sure you book a babysitter for the 21st of August so you can come out to dinner with us at Ironic (see the latest newsletter or pick up a copy at the office)

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