Friday, 17 August 2012

Visual Association - What does that Mean??

Hi All! I hope you all survived the rain.  It was great to see so many of you battle the weather and come and see us at our Head Start Headquarters. It certainly was very wet, but it is great to see the sunshine back again!! 

This week at our Head Start Headquarters we tackled visual association.  This is the ability to draw an association between two or more different but related items. For children this is initially associating familiar items such as sock & shoe or knife & fork. This basic foundation is built on to include the association made between the visual shape of letters and words. C + a + t = Cat  
For our littlest Head Starters we made an effort to point out all the things that could be associated together in the class - visual associations are everywhere once you start looking for them!! We talked about socks & shoes, pegs in bottles...the associations were endless. Sometimes all it takes is the intention to find associations and before you know it they are all around us! 
Our Ready/Steady kids spent time looking through our visual association items to work out what should be matched up and in no time had figured them all out...we had to make sure that the toothbrush and toothpaste wasn't put to actual use though! Why not ask your child what they think some items are associated with, you may be surprised!
The Go kids whipped through the visual association items and then started working on pictures that could be associated with the letter "J". The speed that our older children are picking up the new tasks is always astounding! 
Jo (of course), Jacket, Jump, Jog, Jolly, Joyful
How many more can you think of?
This week the topic of interest for our Puku Class has been Keeping Fit with a new baby.  We looked at some good walking tracks around Dunedin that you might be able to go to with a pram or a backpack (see our conversation on Face book).  Next week we have a guest coming to teach us all some Pelvic Floor exercises, can't wait!!
Well have a great weekend and get out and enjoy the sun, I know I will be as much as I can.
Jo and the Head Start Team

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