Friday, 28 September 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun!! :)

 This week at our Head Start headquarters it was all about FUN!!  We had all the fun activities out that we have played with during the term.  There were the roller coaster, the slide, the balls and skittles, noisy books and climbing wall.  The parachute paradise was a hit as well and even encouraged some of the adults to relive their childhood and climb inside to have a look which was FANTASTIC!!  We love seeing the adults leading by modelling, well done!!
Harry loves posting!
 Our Puku Play date class revisited some of the material we looked at over the term and there was some pretty useful information.  From listening to the Mums I would say the highlight for them was having Amy, who is a Physio with us at RATA South, come and show us all how to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. THANKS Amy!

Well the school holidays are here and we are going to take a wee break, catch our breath and prepare for term 4.  If you haven't enrolled for term 4 don't forget to give Di a ring (03) 487 9698.  Next term we are also running a mixed age group on Tuesday at 1pm if you have more than one child wanting to attend Head Start this will give them both the opportunity to experience Head Start and gain valuable foundational skills for school and future learning.  See you all soon

Jo and the Head Start Team :)

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