Friday, 21 September 2012

Visual Figure Ground and Auditory Completion

Wow two weeks since my last post, so sorry.  In the last week we  explored Visual Figure Ground which is the ability to discriminate between visual foreground and background.  For example being able to pick out patterns amongst a busy backdrop.  This is an important skill to improve visual perception and helps your child to focus on something specific amongst other visual stimuli.  For example finding their spot on a page or on the blackboard when reading. 

For our Head Start children they have been finding bugs on a blanket with lots of other things happening on it, or looking at pictures that are made up of lots of other things.  You can extend this skill at home when you ask the children to find a specific toy in the toy box, or a LEGO man in the box of LEGO.

This week we have looked at Auditory Completion.  Auditory Completion is along the same lines as Visual Completion, except instead of mentally filling in the blank parts of pictures and objects it is the ability to fill in or complete words or sounds. This is one of those skills that you are probably doing without meaning to anyway like when you are reading My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes and your little one is shouting out 'Boxes' before you even get the end of the page. They have just worked their developing Auditory Completion skills by using their existing knowledge to fill in the last word. This skill is important as not only does it help in the early stages of reading as it helps your child to recognise and read familiar words but it also helps with language acquisition and cognition.

We were practicing this skill by using the examples of nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little ............, Humpty Dumpty Sat on the see if the children could complete the sentences. 

Puku Play Date has been exploring how much can a baby see in the first few months after they are born and then the beauty of books.  We were discussing the importance of  turning the TV off and spending some time reading to your child. I brought along a few of my children's favourite books when they were little and had the little ones captivated with a very colourful pop out book right to the end.

One more week to go before school holidays and all the favourite equipment from the term will be out to play on.  Looking forward to seeing you all there and we might even grab a few pictures of everyone having some fun.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

From Jo and the Head Start Team :)

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