Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fine Motor Skills

Hello to all our Head Start families and friends.  We have had a busy week at our Head Start Headquarters this week where our focus has been Fine Motor Skills.
This is the ability to use smaller muscle groups to perform tasks that are precise in nature. Our children develop their gross motor skills primarily by exercising their larger muscle groups to move around. These gross motor skills help to develop core strength and this in turn provides a stable base from which to initiate movement from the smaller muscle groups responsible for fine motor control. Gross motor movement is a key concept at Head Start and is being developed every week through the running, jumping and climbing opportunities presented to our littlies. So this week we built on all this strengthening and presented our Head Starters with some fun fine motor skills to practise!
Little fingers love to explore zips, buttons, clasps and Velcro so we gave them plenty of chances to do so on our dressing up and down blanket. Puzzle pieces were hidden in pockets and there were fun pictures to discover, this is an easy one to keep practising at home too! Other fun gadgets included tongs for picking up teeny tiny animals and nuts and bolts to keep little fingers busy. Some of the boys really got into making up the trucks, putting all the nuts and bolts together, and there was lots of fun discovering what was hiding in the play dough.
Fine Motor skills can be practised through food exploration, goo, sandpits, dressing, scissors, colouring,  just to name a few.  For some more information you may like to read this article.  Fine Motor Development 0 - 6 Years 
Have a great weekend and we will see you all next weekend for another exciting week at our Head Start Headquarters. 
Take Care
Jo and the Head Start Team

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