Thursday, 8 November 2012

I see you - Vision

Hi to all our Head Start families and friends. What a busy week at our Head Start Headquarters this week. This week we have been “looking” at our vision. How many noticed the butterflies in the Head Start room this week?
Why do we have a session on vision?  Well.......Our eyes work together to send visual information to the brain. Like the muscles of our bodies, the muscles of the eyes need to be worked to develop.
When your child’s eyes are controlled without effort their attention is available for visual concentration such as following words on a page when reading and following moving objects when participating in games and sports.
So this has meant we have been watching the balls go down the ramp, over the roller coaster, through the maze.  We have been watching bubbles float by and feathers fall softly to the ground.  Our Go kids tried to balance a marble in the middle of a maze and pump air to push ping pong balls to letters.  We also had a cave with a flashing ball and torches with rocket ships and planets on them to follow in the dark.
Everyone has been really busy as they watch all the different activities happening around the room.  Don't forget to point things out to your children that they might miss, you would be how amazed they will be at the tiniest things and then realise how much we take for granted as adults.
Have a great weekend all. We'll be "looking" out for you next week
Jo and the Head Start Team


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