Friday, 23 November 2012


Hello to all our Head Start families and friends. This is a week that I love sharing with our Head Start children. The sensation of touch is essential for our little's development and is one of the primary ways that they learn about their environment.   Yes it was messy but that's the part I love the most! 

This week we had lots of new things for them to explore using their sense of touch. The firm favourites for the week was the touch and feel tub of dried rice and packing material filled with hidden treasures - under close supervision this was a hit with both our littler and older Head Starters. We managed to pry a few kids away from the touchy tanks to show them our Total Touch station which consisted of shredded paper to be emerged in, mattresses to be squashed between and Lycra to be rolled up in.

The massage box filled with textured goodies and a corresponding bag to try to match objects too just by using the sense of touch...this was harder than it looks! Our Go kids were extended further through tasks that got them identifying shapes and objects using the sense of touch just through their feet - definitely a challenge!!
Have a great week and this week I challenge you to let your child play in the dirt or run their hands through their food without you cleaning it up in a hurry.  In other words let your child explore the different textures around them fully.
Maybe this is a bit over the top,but
doesn't it look like fun!!!
Have a great week and we look forward to sharing some more Christmas songs with you over the coming weeks.
Jo and the Head Start Team

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