Friday, 7 December 2012

Can You Hear What I Hear???

Hello to all our Head Start Families and friends.  Did I hear right on the radio that Summer is here??  One day it's lovely summer dresses and shorts and shirts, the next I see the winter woollies are out again, when will the weather make up its mind?  It's a good thing we know just what we are doing at our Head Start Headquarters.  This week we have been exploring Auditory Figure Ground.

This is the ability to discriminate between background and foreground noises. Or in other words, it is how we are able to attend to certain sounds while ignoring sounds that are unimportant. This is an important auditory processing skill and is crucial in the formal learning environment as it allows our child to focus and listen to instructions in a busy, noisy classroom environment.

So essentially this is a skill that we practice EVERY time we come to the Head Start environment as there is always lots of chatter, laughter and music in the background while we are explaining activities and interacting with our little people one-on-one. This week we took it one step further and added some different noises for our Head Start children to listen out for throughout the class. It was exciting to see that as the classes progressed they all started tuning in to these noises faster and with less next week we will have them baa-ing, moo-ing, meowing etc along with the sounds!!
Our world is a BUSY place nowadays so this skill to be able to tune out background noise to hear and ATTEND to relevant and important information is even more important than ever, this skill will truly give your little one a Head Start in the classroom so keep it in mind and practice it whenever possible. Take the opportunity when in a busy environment to talk one-on-one with your little one, for example in the supermarket or shopping mall point out interesting things, play a game of eye spy or discuss what is going on around you. Head to the park and see how many birds you can hear over the general noise of the playground or to the pool and listen for the whirr of the spa pool or siren before the wave pool starts - you get the idea!!
Have a great weekend and we will see you for our last sessions of the year next week for lots of Christmas songs and jingle bells.
Jo and the Head Start Team


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