Friday, 29 March 2013

Auditory Discrimination

Hello to all our Head Start families and friends. Well another busy week looking at Auditory Discrimination.  Here we look at the child’s ability to detect similarities and differences when listening to sounds which facilitates the understanding of spoken words and spelling skills.
This is also a great week for me because one of my favourite songs gets to be played.  Mrs Bunny has made an Easter come back so there was lots of hopping and stopping fun :)

So this week for our Ready and Steady children there were games where they have to identify the animal picture after Mum or Dad have made the sound (e.g. "where is the animal that goes baa baa?") and for the Go children they have been trying to identify different musical instruments behind Mum or Dad's back and having a go at Animal BINGO.  Maybe when you are out and about you can have a go at I SPY with my little eye, something that goes Moo Moo.
Some of our children had a go at running up the ramp to find the letter that sounded like "T" to bring back and put in the machine to tell them if they retrieved the right one.  Up the climbing wall we had lots of different animals and the Mums and Dads were making some funny noises as the children climbed to find the right animal.
Wishing you a very happy Easter and don't forget we are open on Tuesday for classes.  Keep an eye out for the posters on our up and coming seminar and the preschool play date at the Edgar Centre.
Have a lovely long weekend
From the Head Start Team


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