Saturday, 9 March 2013

Concept and Directional Language

Hello to all our Head Start friends and families.  This week has been a fun week as we have been discussing Concept and Directional Language.  What does this mean well it's really quite easy all it refers to is the size and direction, for example:  Concept language - big, small, short, tall etc
Directional language – on, under, up, down, beside etc.  So what does this mean well.......Concept and directional language are important for both future writing development and math skills. 
So this week at our Head Start Headquarters we have had lots of fun putting balls and bean bags in, through, beside boxes, through hoops and beside our new blocks.  Do you remember what we did with Winnie the Pooh??  He went beside, behind and in front of our red chair.
So next time you are at the park, get your wee ones to stand in front, behind, beside, on top of some of the playground equipment and get clicking with the camera and make up a homemade book,  "Jo is standing beside the big slide". Your child will love reading a story about themselves and what a lovely way to share your park visit with Nana and Granddad!! 
Have a lovely weekend and we will see you at the Head Start Headquarters next week for some more fun. Don't forget if you would like some more ideas take home one of our take home sheets available on the front desk.
Cheers from the Head Start Team :)

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