Thursday, 14 March 2013

Vestibular System.... WHAT????

Hey Head Starters this week has been all about spinning, swinging and balance which has created some very funny faces and moments throughout the classes especially on the rocket chair :)  Why have we been doing this at our Head Start Headquarters????  Well we all need to work on increasing our balance, and the vestibular system is the one that controls your child's balance, equilibrium and sense of movement.  The vestibular and auditory systems are closely related and are both processed in the inner ear. You can help to develop your child's vestibular system by exposing them to all sorts of movements such as swinging, swaying, bouncing, spinning (not too fast) and rocking.

A well developed vestibular system provides stability, good muscle tone and helps to develop auditory language processing and visual-spatial processing. This will help your child to move confidently, listen and learn.
The vestibular system is something that develops in stages over some years but for some children it can be a real issue and stops them doing some activities.  Don't forget that the Head Start team are Occupational Therapists and part of the larger team of professionals and we are more than happy to answer questions ifyou have them.
Have a good week and we will see you back at our Head Start Headquarters next week for lots more fun, fun, fun :)
Cheers from the Head Start Team :)
Want to learn some more about the Vestibular System check out and let me know what you think

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