Friday, 1 March 2013

Visual Discrimination

Hey Head Starters. What a busy week it has been at Head Start Headquarters this week. Visual Discrimination has been the name of the game this week and this has meant that on the white board the Ready/Steady groups have been spotting the differences in the animals, "why is that elephant different to the other one?" and hanging out the washing making sure all the pairs of socks and mittens are hung together. What a great job they all did too, well done :)

Just as a wee reminder, visual discrimination refers to your child's ability to recognise similarities and differences between objects. So for future formal learning visual discrimination is important for children to be able to recognise different letters, numbers, mathematical symbols and words. So next time you are out for a walk or in the car don't forget to get the kids reading the street signs and letter box numbers or if they are too little make a point of stopping, showing them some numbers and letters and explaining what they are e.g. "hey this is the number 2, you are 2 (show them that many fingers)".
Hopefully everyone got a copy of our Head Start Newsletter with all the upcoming events and seminars.  If you did not get one please let us know and we will resend it or you can pick up a hard copy next time you are in for a Head Start class.  Looking forward to seeing you then, have a great weekend, loving the sun don't forget to make the most of it.
From the Head Start Team

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    I am a teacher, and you are right, the visual discrimination is very important in reading. I have a blog with free worksheets for visual perceptual skills

    thank you for good ideas