Friday, 22 March 2013

Visual Patterns

Hey Head Starters this week has been all about seeing patterns in everyday things. "Look at the traffic lights, Red, Orange, Green" or "Look at the numbers on the letter boxes 2,4,6".  This is known as Visual patterning and it refers to your child’s ability to identify patterns. This helps them to make connections, predict and solve mathematically based problems using shortcuts and they are everywhere.

So this week at our Head Start Headquarters we have had the coloured circles, squares and triangles up the ramp, the bugs, sticks, square blocks and buttons matching patterns on our cards which proved challenging for some but with lots of practise everyone will be an expert before we know it.  There were patterns all round the Head Start room, like the balls, the stars and ducks on the climbing wall and the bean bags on the beam.  Did you spot any others????

Have a great weekend and enjoy the good weather. We look forward to seeing you all at our Head Start Headquarters for another fun week :)

See you then, from the
Head Start Team

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