Friday, 14 June 2013

Eye - Foot Coordination

Hello to all our Head Start friends and families.  Who can believe we are now past half way through the term and winter has arrived. Don't be put off coming out in the cold as it is always warm at our Head Start Headquarters and parking is close.

Our new concept this week has been, Eye-Foot Coordination. What a great excuse to practise some kicking balls around the room. This foundation skill is all about learning to control the movement of our feet in relation to what we see with our eyes. This is important for gross motor skills and many games.  

The possibilities are endless but a few of the ideas that we have had this week were kicking balloons on strings for the little's, kicking balls, balancing on the beam and stomping on our jumping leap-frog FUN! 

In case you missed picking up our take home sheet here are a few of the ideas that you can use to continue to develop your child's Eye-Foot coordination:

· Hang interesting items under your play-gym and encourage your child to kick them – eg

· Put a bunch of interesting textured items in a low bucket or paddling pool and let your child explore them with their feet

· Practise kicking into different sized and shaped goals, eg. boxes, laundry basket, closet etc.

· See if your child can catch something on their foot – feather, scarf, bubbles etc.

· Set up your own catapult at home!

If you have any other ideas that you would like to share, post them on our face book page as I am sure there are many parents, grandparents,nannies and careers who have got children inside on these bleak days that need some fresh ideas about how to entertain some restless children.
Our term two newsletter is out.  If you did not receive one via email then please pick up a hard copy when you are next in and update your details with Di so you don't miss out on seminars and happenings at our Head Start Headquarters :)
Have a lovely weekend
Catch you next week
From all the Head Start Team

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