Thursday, 6 June 2013

Visual Completion

Wow what a busy week at Head Start this week.  Thanks everyone for putting on your winter woollies and coming to play at our Head Start Headquarters we have had lots of fun and a few visitors which has been lovely.

This week we have been looking at Visual Completion. This is the ability to identify an object even if part of it is hidden. Visual Completion is important for children to be able to formulate letters and numbers when learning to write.

For our little's we were practising this by covering up our favourite soft toys and playing a slow peekaboo to see how much (or little) you can show before they tell you what it is. We extended this idea in class by using peekaboo windows over pictures of familiar things, for example a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine hidden with only a small window to see a portion of the picture - a fun concept to try at home with some of your favourite picture books! For the bigger kids we took these ideas of completion even further and started finishing partially drawn shapes on the white board...who knew join the dots could be so educational?! For more ideas to do at home don't forget to grab a take home sheet on the way out.

Have a fun weekend and stay nice and warm. Maybe you could play peek a boo in a home made tent under the table.

Take Care from the Head Start Team :)

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