Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Visual Sequencing

Hello to all our Head Start friends and families. 

Wow can you believe we are almost at the end of term 2.  Well this week was visual sequencing, do you remember what this means and why it comes in handy for our wee Head Starters???  Well what it is, is the ability to see objects like letters and numbers, in a specified sequential order.  This is really important for handwriting, maths and reading.
So for example do they understand that the letters
c   a   t = the word cat    OR that the numbers   1 0 0 = the number 100
The other example we looked at this week was the sequence of a specific activity.  On the white board were examples of what order we clean our teeth in or have a bath.  This kind of sequence is all around us all the time and you can use it as a conversation starter both before and after an event.
Don't forget that our amazing Speech Language Therapist Karen is imparting her knowledge and years of experience to those interested today (Thursday 27.06.2013, 7.30pm at our Head Start Room).  Ring the office to book your interest.
Well I hope you all have a good week
Take Care
From the Head Start Team

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