Thursday, 4 July 2013

Crossing the Midline

Hello and a warm winter welcome to all our Head Start friends and families.  Well we are in the middle of winter now but with the shortest day been and gone we can look forward to Spring around the corner.

This week for our Head Start foundational skill we have been looking at is Crossing the Midline.  This is the ability to reach across the middle of the body with the arms and legs crossing over to the other side. This is an important developmental skill and is needed for reading and handwriting as well as many other daily activities. For example; being able to draw a line across a page without having to switch hands or visually tracking from left to right when reading.

 So at our Head Start Headquarters we have seen some old favourites out such as posting activities but this week we have put the midline crossing as the focus.  Its been great to see Mums, Dads, and carers encouraging out little Head Starters to use their non dominant hands and to cross their midline,  Well Done To you All!

The beam with the bean bags and pipes has been a good one for all our classes, some walking along others standing and posting to the opposite side, some have been sorting out fruit, others have been picking up small balls and posting them into pipes down our ramp.

If you are interested in some more activities to enhance this skill you may want to check out or or

We have one more week before the holidays and if you know of someone who wants to sign up for term 3 at Head Start we are now taking enrolments so make sure you pass on our phone number to them so they don't miss out (03) 4879698 and don't forget to sign yourself up also.  If you have been away for a term ring Di and let her know you would like to come back and see us again, ALL WELCOME:)

Well have a great weekend all and I look forward to our FUN WEEK at our Head Start Headquarters next week :)

See ya then
From the Head Start Team

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