Friday, 27 September 2013

End of Term Fun Week

Hello to all our Head Start Friends and Families.  This week we have had lots of fun at our Head Start Headquarters with all our favourite Head Start equipment out to play on.  I hope I didn't forget anything :)

 It has been a great Term Three at Head Start and wonderful to watch how the children grow and develop with all the skills we offer throughout the term. 

We are looking forward to our last term of the year and hope you have all signed up, if not check out our timetable at We are looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks as well as all our new friends from the Baby and Child Show.
If you are moving on next term, thanks for being a part of the Head Start family, we have really enjoyed your company and it has been awesome to have you visit us at our Head Start Headquarters.  

Goodbye, goodbye see you again.  Goodbye, goodbye see you my friend

Take Care over the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all next term (Tuesday 15th October) at our Head Start Headquarters!!

 From the Head Start Team :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Gross Motor Skills

Hello to all our Head Start families and friends.  Sorry there was no blog last week, had a few technology issues (did anyone notice???)

Anyway this week we have been doing lots of running, crawling, jumping and rolling.  We have been working on our Gross motor skills which means our children have been using their large muscle groups (legs, arms, back). With practise these movements become more refined and are extended to more complex tasks. Skills such as running, jumping and kicking are used in active games and sports. Gross motor development is also an important aspect of fine motor control as the large muscle group’s act to stabilise the body in tasks such as writing and cutting with scissors.

Don't forget if you get stuck inside, an obstacle course is a great way to entertain the kids as well as wear them out a bit. Cushions, sheets, chairs and tables all make fun things to climb through, over and under and you can even get the kids to help you design it!

We will be at the Baby and Child Show at the Edgar Centre on Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm if you want to pop in and see us (or any of the other great stuff that is going to be there. There will there be over 100 amazing exhibitors at the show with 6 Major Sponsors with  huge sites and some great offers on the day).

FUN WEEK at our Head Start Headquarters next week!!  All the fun stuff will be out, see ya there :)  Have a great weekend

From the Head Start Team

Friday, 6 September 2013

Auditory Sequential Memory

Well just when you think Spring is here and it should be getting warmer all the winter woollies come out again and the garden is totally confused as to what it should be doing.  Good thing we know exactly what we are doing at Head Start and this week we have been practising Auditory Sequential Memory.
Auditory Sequential Memory is the ability to remember things heard in sequence. This helps with other tasks such as learning to spell, repeating number sequences and recalling events. Obviously this is an important skill for us adults, its always good to be able to remember that list of things your better half asked you to do (even if it was during the sports news.....). So it is never to early to start practising this auditory skill.

Our littlest Head Starters listened carefully to our Gibber Gabber game and some even started to mimic the crazy noises back proving that they were retaining that weird auditory sequential information! Try it at home and see how you get on, all you need to do is make up some weird noises and encourage your little one to say them back to you, trust me, the weirder the better, eg. meep meep meep. screech screech boop... how long a sequence can you come up with?!

We also read through some classic fairy tales and used picture cards to see if the kids could remember what they had heard and re-create the story - Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Bears were definite hits! Our older kids listened carefully to number sequences and tried to remember what they had heard to make the same sequence on the whiteboard.
This auditory skill is something that we are actually encouraging often by asking our little people to follow basic instructions during their day. Try to remember to keep the instructions short and concise to start with and as your child develops you can make the instructions longer and more complex. To start with just 2 stage instructions are a good idea to keep it achievable - your child will love the praise you offer when they succeed! For the older kids you can practise by asking them to recall what they did over the day or play games like calling out a number sequence or a letter sequence to see what they can remember, this is also a great way to start with basic maths and spelling - fridge magnets are a great resource for this and might help to keep little minds busy while you are sorting out the tea!
Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week at our Head Start Headquarters for lots more fun.
From the Head Start Team