Friday, 1 November 2013

Gross Motor Skills - Ball Skills

Hi Head Start friends and families. This week has been lots of fun, balls, balls and more balls of all shapes and sizes have been passed, caught, bounced, rolled, pushed and kicked all round the Head Start room. That's because this week has all been about Gross Motor Skills, namely catching and throwing.

Gross Motor skills use that larger muscle groups in the legs, arms and trunk. They are important for creating a strong and stable base from which to perform more precise fine motor skills. The motor skills of catching and throwing help develop strength in the upper body, stability in the core trunk muscles and hand-eye coordination.

So this has meant, rolling balls, playing with balloons and knocking bottles over with balls on strings.  Some great balance happening on the beam while the balls were being thrown into the hoop as well bouncing on the tramp throwing the balls into the big box.  We have had some fun pushing and chasing the really big balls down the ramp while others rolled the balls down the roller coaster to knock the bottles over (or slid down themselves to knock the bottles over which was just as much fun!)

It's great to see the children coming back to Head Start and using equipment that they didn't even look at last term or others that haven't been for a while amazing Mum and Dad with what they can now do that they didn't before, Awesome!

Have a nice weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week

From the Head Start Team :)

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