Friday, 28 March 2014

Great Fun at Head Start

Great week at Head Start this week! Everyone is settling in well and it is great to see the children getting to know the routine. This week our letter of the week was 'G' and thanks to our parents we had some great pictures of giraffes on our whiteboard, good job Mums'!

We have been very busy at our Head Start Headquarters climbing, matching, counting, running and generally having lots of great fun.

Have a great weekend and we will catch you next week at our Head Start Headquarters

Cheers from the Head Start Team

Friday, 21 March 2014

"F" is for fun, funny, fast and fish

Hello to all.  Lovely to meet all the new additions to families this week (and even get a cuddle).

This week our letter of the week was "F" and I thought I would try something different and get one of my groups to make the letter "F" by lying on the floor so I could take a photo to put on the blog.  Unfortunately  all we could get was the letter "L" so you will have to wait to see that photo when we get that far along in the alphabet, ha ha, was lots of fun trying though :)

This week has been all about spinning, swinging and balance which has created some very funny faces and moments throughout the classes especially on the rocket chair :)  Why have we been doing this at our Head Start Headquarters????  Well we all need to work on increasing our balance, and the vestibular system is the one that controls your child's balance, equilibrium and sense of movement.  The vestibular and auditory systems are closely related and are both processed in the inner ear. You can help to develop your child's vestibular system by exposing them to all sorts of movements such as swinging, swaying, bouncing, spinning (not too fast) and rocking.

A well developed vestibular system provides stability, good muscle tone and helps to develop auditory language processing and visual-spatial processing. This will help your child to move confidently, listen and learn.

Have a lovely long weekend and we will see you at our Head Start Headquarters next week.

Cheers from the Head Start Team

Friday, 7 March 2014

Three Sticks or an 'A' - Visual Discrimination

Hello..oo to all our Head Start friends and families.  This week we have been looking at Visual discrimination.
Visual discrimination is the ability to identify differences in visual images.  Many parts of learning use visual imagery, including: Reading and writing; Mathematics; Social studies and science; and Social interactions.  Children must be able to successfully distinguish between different letters in order to read and write words. As Winnie the Pooh famously said, ‎“To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.”
Want some other great tips on how to practise this foundational skill with your child check out
DON'T FORGET - Thursday, April 3rd, 7.30pm 
Our Busy Bag Exchange is happening.  What's this you may ask??
A Busy Bag is a snap lock bag containing an activity to keep your littlie occupied. Prior to the exchange you are allocated a bag to make and told how many to make. At a busy bag exchange we exchange bags, all going home with a variety of new activities to keep our littlies busy. You must register to be included so here are my details if you'd like to be involved.
Have a great weekend and we will see you at the Head Start Headquarters next week :)
From the Head Start Team :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

C is for Catch, Crawl, Climb and Co-ordination

Hello to all our Head Start friends and families.  This week we have been climbing through tunnels, crawling up the ramp and catching lots of balls while working on our co-ordination and Gross Motor Skills.

It's lots of fun when the children start to make up their own rules for ball games :0.  The big hit this week as well as all the balls was the balloons and fly swots.  The Mums got in on this fun encouraging the children to keep the balloons off the ground as long as possible.

Things to do starting with "C"
Cooking, Crunching Cookies, Chomping Carrots and Cucumber, Climbing, Catching, Canoeing, Cycling, Crawling, Cat 'n' Mouse, Cuddling, Card Games, Cutting Out, Colouring, Crayon Pictures, Counting, Chocolate Eating, Cup of hot Chocolate.

Hope you have a good week, see you at our Head Start Headquarters this week.

Cheers from the Head Start Team :)