Monday, 3 March 2014

C is for Catch, Crawl, Climb and Co-ordination

Hello to all our Head Start friends and families.  This week we have been climbing through tunnels, crawling up the ramp and catching lots of balls while working on our co-ordination and Gross Motor Skills.

It's lots of fun when the children start to make up their own rules for ball games :0.  The big hit this week as well as all the balls was the balloons and fly swots.  The Mums got in on this fun encouraging the children to keep the balloons off the ground as long as possible.

Things to do starting with "C"
Cooking, Crunching Cookies, Chomping Carrots and Cucumber, Climbing, Catching, Canoeing, Cycling, Crawling, Cat 'n' Mouse, Cuddling, Card Games, Cutting Out, Colouring, Crayon Pictures, Counting, Chocolate Eating, Cup of hot Chocolate.

Hope you have a good week, see you at our Head Start Headquarters this week.

Cheers from the Head Start Team :)

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