Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fun at Head Start

So sorry for the late post, where does the time go??  Head Start has been very busy over the last few weeks and I am absolutely loving what I am seeing at our Head Start Headquarters.
All the children have settled so well into the routine and have welcomed our students Abbey and Emma into their world at Head Start.  This is a big bonus for me as it means I am able to spend that little bit more time with Mums, Dads and caregivers finding out just what their wee ones are up too and what sort of activities are best benefitting their child/ren.

Head Start - active body, active brain's photo.For the last couple of weeks the big hit activity has been the ramp with the balls and goal.  This has provided an amazing amount of laughs and depending on the group, lots of variations to how the balls reach the bottom.

Hope you have had a great weekend in the sun.  Looking forward to another amazing week at our Head Start Headquarters.

From the Head Start Team

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Visual Association

Can you believe we are half way through Term 3 already!! I can't believe how fast this term has gone.

This week at our Head Start Headquarters we tackled the foundation skill of Visual Association. This is the ability to draw associations between two or more different but related items. To start with this is most easily done with familiar items, such as sock & shoe, knife & fork etc, but importantly this skill builds up to include associations between visual shapes of letters and formation of words, e.g, C + A + T = CAT.
For our littlest Head Starters we made an effort to point out all the things that could be associated together in the class - visual associations are everywhere once you start looking for them!! We talked about socks & shoes, balls in hoops, pegs in bottles...the associations were endless. Sometimes all it takes is the intention to find associations and before you know it they are all around us!

Our older children spent time looking through our visual association items to work out what should be matched up and in no time had figured them all out...we had to make sure that the toothbrush and toothpaste wasn't put to actual use though, but to be fair all the children knew that these two went together!


How to take the Perfect Family Photo

Date: 18 Septmber, 2014

Time:  7:30pm

Place: 350 South Road, Caversham


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you at our Head Start Headquarters next week :)
From the Head Start Team

Friday, 15 August 2014

Building Strong Foundations

Over the last wee while I have been thinking about our Head Start programme and how it relates to building a house.  Each week we focus on a specific foundational skill that helps your child build their developmental skills at an age appropriate level (this week we were looking at Directionality).  This helps our children begin to build a strong foundation for all their present and future learning.

When you are building a house, if you don’t do the ground work and get the foundation strong, solid and supportive, then the rest of the house is going to look like the crooked mans house.
Our children will have  teachers, mentors and people who will influence them over their growing up and education, each one an important link in their chain of learning and development.  If a firm foundation has been laid early in their development then the next level of learning can easily be laid without fear of a downfall, and I believe they will have success in their learning.
With a strong foundation it is easier for our children to manage change and cope with difficult learning tasks.  In the same way we can choose to move a wall or change a  paint colour in a house we enhance what was first built on that foundation, and so at Head Start we want to help you build that strong foundation for your child.
We look forward to seeing you all next week at our Head Start headquarters to continue the building.
From the Head Start Team

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mooo, tweet, woof woof, Roarrrrr


There were lots of unusual noises coming out of our Head Start Headquarters this week, including sheep, cow's sirens, birds. Why was that??  Well we were looking at the children's ability to relate a sound to a picture, object or letter.  This is called auditory association and is really useful as they learn letter sounds, blends and words.

You can continue your child's learning at home by:
  • talking to your child about the sounds that you hear when you are out and about
  • playing lots of noise games with animals or cars
  • choose books that include a sound panel
  • as your child gets older start to introduce the letter sound along side the letter
  • play eye spy using letters or letter sounds
Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week at our Head Start Headquarters.

Cheers from the Head Start Team

Friday, 1 August 2014

Do you remember Kim's Game?

Welcome to Week 2 of term 3.  We hope you had a good week at our Head Start Headquarters and took home some good ideas on how to improve your child's visual memory.

Don't forget that you can continue to improve your child's visual memory skills at home as well.  Here at Head Start we try to keep the activities simple and economical so you can replicate them at home and continue their growth in the foundational skill we have been focusing on.

Kim's game is a great way for your child to practice the skill of visual memory.  It doesn't have to be difficult and maybe you could even get them to eat the vegies on their plate by making them disappear and you guess what has gone missing.

Have a good weekend and we really look forward to seeing you next week at our Head Start Headquarters for another fun filled week.

From the Head Start Team