Thursday, 4 September 2014

Auditory Figure Ground - Moo moo, woof woof

This week has been really interesting.  Watching the Head Start children engaged in the activities around the room, there were very few who actually stopped what they were doing when the animal sounds came on throughout the session.  They were all focused on what they were doing and listening to instructions from Mum, Dad, Nanny or grandparents.

Some take home ideas:

  • spend time during the day in a quiet environment.  Only have one 'noise' on at a time
  • When you are out, spend time listening to different noises and discussing what they are and where they have come from
  • have a picnic in a noisy environment, like the playground or at the pool - spend time listening and identifying different noises
  • provide your child with clear concise instructions, especially in a busy environment.  Get down to their level and look them in the eye when you are talking to them to help draw their attention to you.
Don't forget to have fun this weekend and with the sun shinning and the days a little longer take the opportunity to go out and listen to the birds as they roost or watch the sun set at the beach :)

See you all next week at our Head Start Headquarters

From the Head Start Team :

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