Friday, 28 November 2014

Busy Bag Exchange

Well the Busy Bag evening didn't quite go as planned but thanks to Michelle, Shelley, Anita and Jo we did get four very cool bags to exchange. With Christmas just about here these will keep the little ones busy while Mum cooks the Christmas dinner, or travelling in the car :)

This activity is great for fine
motor skills sequencing and
colours.  It can make a chain
or a big long coloured snake:)
Fantastic lacing busy bag.
Great for fine motor,
hand-eye coordination

Build a tower, create letters,
make shapes or build a house
on the floor or in the bath

Lots of number recognition,
matching patterns of
dots with the right number

The Christmas decorations have started to appear at our Head Start Headquarters and the Christmas songs are on the play list, with only 2 more weeks of Head Start we are looking forward to lots of Jingle Bells, smiles and excitement as the year winds up.

Hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you at our Head Start Headquarters next week :)

From the Head Start Team :)

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