Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vestibular System

Well we did have some dizzy fun last week at our Head Start Headquarters as we tested out our vestibular system with lots of spinning, swinging, crawling.  Our Vestibular System is the one that controls our balance, equilibrium and sense of movement and is closely related to our auditory system.  A well developed vestibular system provides stability, good muscle tone and helps to develop auditory language processing and visual-spatial processing.

There were a few cross eyes as the children spun on the blast off chair, zoomed down the slippery slide and sounds of delight as some mastered the monkey bars for the first time.

Catch up with us this week as we look at Visual Patterns.

From the Head Start Team :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Busy Busy at Head Start

Hello All, so sorry I have realised I missed the blog last week.  We have been having so much fun in our Head Start classes over the past two weeks.  We have looked at - Visual Discrimination (the ability to recognise similarities and differences between objects) and Concept and Directional Language (the concepts of size and direction - up, down, under).

Have a great week and we all look forward to seeing you all for some Easter fun in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile check out some of our Head Start Stars:
Never to young for letters

We had our first week with the Mrs Bunny
song as we are coming into Easter

Number Fun

Where can I put all the things in the dollhouse?
On the top, middle or bottom floor


Monday, 2 March 2015

Lots of LARGE movement

This last week at Head Start we have been looking at Gross Motor Skills.  There has been lots of running  chasing balls, crawling through tunnels, jumping and kicking and balloons and bubbles.

Gross motor skills require the use of a child's large muscle groups.  With practice these movements become more refined and are extended to more complex tasks.  Gross motor skills are also an  important aspect of fine motor skills.

We are looking forward to another exciting week at our Head Start Headquarters.  If you have contacted us and have not heard back then please give Di a call at our office 03 4879698 as there have been a few "lost is space things happening".  Give us a call if you would like to pop in and see what we do at Head Start as we are happy for you to do this.
Have a good week and I look forward to sharing some ideas on Visual Discrimination with you at our Head Start Headquarters this week.

From the Head Start Team