Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Where has the time gone???  Head Start is five years old this year and we certainly have been moving along at a fast pace, hence the lack of blog posts this term.

So far this term we have been looking at visual consistency, body awareness, auditory pattern, visual completion and eye foot coordination.  My favourite was body awareness and the laughs as the children made funny faces in the mirrors :) 
We have also been lucky to have had Jackob, a 4th year Physiotherapist working with us at Head Start for 5 weeks.  The children really gravitated towards his warm nature as he got down to the children's level and just played with them.  Thanks Jackob:)
As part of our 5th Birthday celebrations we had a little party with party hats, balloons and poppers. Two lucky families went in the draw and were presented with a gift from Head Start just to say thanks for coming :)

Events coming up:  On Thursday 28th May (4pm-6pm at our Caversham Site, 350 South Road, $30) we are running "Never To young to Get Ready For School Seminar"  This is run by Wendy Perera who has lots of fun ideas to pass on to keep our young ones moving.  This is open to all who wish to attend and I am still happy to take names if you wish to come.
WOW that's a big blog for me this time I really need to keep on top of it for the rest of the term.  If you hear of anyone wanting to check out Head Start just tell them to give us a call, I am more than happy for people to pop in for a session to see what we do.  Keep warm and as a general rule if the schools are closed so is Head Start but will put detail up on Face Book.
Have a great week :)
From the Head Start Team